“Creator” means an individual who creates and publishes content on their custom
Livesofia.com website to be viewed by other users;
As a Creator on a Livesofia.com site, you agree to the following terms when you
verify your account.
Agreement Terms:
– We (Iasmine Turcan) prohibit any activity that is illegal or otherwise violates our
– We (Iasmine Turcan) require the Creator to obtain and keep on record written
consent from all individuals depicted in any form of content posted on the Livesofia.com
site swearing consent to:
– Public sharing of the content and to upload the content to the Livesofia.com
– Content will be viewable to all subscribers on the Livesofia.com website
– Documentation to prove an age of at least 18 years old with documented
evidence such as a valid photo ID.
– Allow us (Iasmine Turcan) to view and access verification documents
Contract Termination:
On a Livesofia.com website, the contract period will continue as long as the Creator
does not close the account.
This Agreement is strictly confidential and only authorized personnel are allowed to
Anyone who registers as a Creator and confirms their account is considered to have
accepted this agreement. If you do not accept the agreement, please close your Creator